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Meet Our Founder: Josh D'Alemberte

Private School Admissions can be stressful! Breathe easier with Mr. D's Test Prep Hacks

Sneak Peak:

The Hacks

Are you or your child preparing to take an entrance exam? Running around like a chicken with its head cut off? We specialize in admissions test prep for 5th - 9th graders: SSAT, ISEE, and HSPT. These exams are rigorous! They will require preparation and strategies to approach these tests which most students have never experienced. Conveniently, we provide both prep and strategies. Our test preparation course contains How-To's, worksheets, and quizzes to teach your child the skills needed to conquer any test with confidence. THE HACKS is a 4-hour Bootcamp (broken down into chapters) to teach essential strategies like: A Growth Mindset, Two-Handed Tests, Process of Elimination Techniques, Building a Bridge, DPPETA, and MORE.

                                           Sign up for our FREE content course. Purchase THE HACKS in the shop. 

  • Hacks designed from 10+ years of experience

  • Strategies that cover all areas of the test

  • Guaranteed to increase your score

  • Ideal for students preparing to take the Lower, Middle, and Upper entrance exams

Lissete C. , SSAT Parent

Thank you for your genius in preparing for the entrance exam.  I would trust no one else to prepare my daughter for her exams after you raised my daughter’s SSAT score from the low 60’s to the high 90’s in two months.

You are miracle workers. I can’t tell you what confidence builders you are. I don’t know what your secret sauce is but truly I am beyond appreciative.

Doug R. , Math Parent

We had a great experience with Who Tutors. My daughter was struggling in math and after just a few lessons she improved greatly. They also helped her with her organizational skills. My wife and I were very pleased. They are real educators.

Barbara H, ISEE Parent

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