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Josh D’Alemberte is an experienced educator from Miami, Florida who has been doing test prep and private school admissions for over a decade. He taught at one of Florida’s top private schools: Ransom Everglades for 16 years. In the last five years, Josh has become a well-known name in the community for admission test prep and private school consultations.

Distance Learning
Outdoors Tutoring

In Person Tutoring
We offer in-person tutoring in Miami, FL. Our tutors can come to your home or can meet at separate locations such as a library or Starbucks!

Virtual Tutoring 
In person tutoring can be limited! Do you live outside of Miami? Do you stress about COVID-19 or getting sick? Plans for traveling?
Virtual tutoring could be your solution!
Our tutors meet your child on Zoom, where they will be face to face throughout the entire session. This can provide a better one on one experience, a quiet undistracted atmosphere, and easy accessibility anywhere. 

Get a Specialized Tutoring Quote:

Every situation is different! If you would like a quote for your child, please fill out this form and we will be in contact!

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