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Welcome to Mr. D's Test Prep

Effective and proven strategies to tackle the ISEE or SSAT with confidence! Download each worksheet and follow along with Josh as he explains THE HACKS.


Chapter 1.

Directions: Determine which test you are taking: ISEE or SSAT. Print each worksheet FIRST, then follow along with the video. 

Part 1: Test Introduction

Part 2: Growth Mindset

Part 3: Content vs. Strategy

CONTENT: what you know
     HACKS:  how you use it

No worksheet for this section

Part 4: Opening Doors

No worksheet for this section

Part 5: Parent Training

No worksheet for this section


Chapter 2.

RIP the test

Chapter 3.

No worksheet for this section

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Chapter 4.

If you haven't already, JOIN OUR TEST PREP QUIZLET CLASS

Part 1. 

Part 2. 

Math Hacks

Chapter 5.

Part 1. Math Vocabulary

Part 2. Negative Numbers

Part 3. Fractions

Part 4. Converting

Part 5. Decimals

Reading Hacks

Chapter 6.

Chapter 7.

Synonym Hacks

Chapter 8.

Verbal Hacks


Sentence Completion

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