Ready to take a Practice SSAT?

First you need to know how the test works

Step #1

Print the PDF below

Step #2

Watch the video below

Step #3

Find and take a Practice Test

There are many places to find a practice test.  We recommend an online platform called Test Innovators since the test will be taken online this year. 

All of our tutoring packages include Test Innovators, of you can buy it separately.  This platform has analytics that tracks how long the student stays on each question and the topics that they need help to improve.  Our tutors can also see a students progress and assign homework from the platform!

We offer a 10% discount on the Test Innovators 3 test and 9 test packages.  If you are going to end up buying a tutoring Package, do not buy practice tests yet!

Also, each test prep book from your local book store (around $20) has a practice test in it.  We have used Princeton Review's book for years.

Step #4

Schedule a time to talk about the scores and make a prep plan

Who Tutors will provide a free consultation either before or after the test.

Schedule after the practice test is scored to discuss strengths and weaknesses. 

Schedule before the test if you have some questions you need answered.

Call (786) 309-3966 or email jdalemberte@gmail to schedule your FREE consultation.

Step #5

Buy a tutoring plan now