Welcome!  Applying to schools for your children can be an overwhelming experience.  We are here to help.


How to attack the test is what we call strategies or hacks.  These are the tricks that can really help a test taker if he or she masters them and uses them. Please browse our Hacks pages and then schedule us if you need help.  Good Luck!

We don't want you to Rest in Peace during the test.  In fact, quite the opposite.

Don't be Lazy!  Interact with the test!  Make sure that pencil does not stay sharp.  This means that there is always something to do.  Many students read the question and look at the answers, selecting the one they like best.  That is the wrong way to do it.  

After they read the question, each section requires a different thing they should write down to interact with the test.  For math it is about showing their work.  Math is usually more accurate when written rather in someone's head.  The last part is P.O.E. or Process of Elimination, a very important part of this test or really any multiple choice test.




P.O.E. Process of Elimination

Poe is not the poet in this case!  It is Process of Elimination.  Make sure to read all the choices every time.  Get rid of the choices that have little to no chance of being right. Then choose intelligently from the choices remaining.

There are two types of Stress: Bad and Good

Bad Stress causes worry and nervous test takers.

"Eustress" is the good type of stress that motivates people to work and prepare for a goal. Feeling prepared because you have invested time and energy into knowing what is on a test and you have practiced how to attack the test is an awesome feeling!  This creates confident test takers!

We have more Hacks to Share!

These Hacks are a good start, but they are really just the tip of the iceberg! Take our online Bootcamp to learn Content and Strategy or schedule a session with one of our tutors who have been trained in our proven system.  There are many ways we can help you prepare for this important test.  


We will try to make it fun rather than arduous. If you don't know what "arduous" means, look it up!  Our tutors can explain the HACKS and make sure you practice them so that you feel confident when you walk into the test.

Josh helped both my sons prepare for the SSAT. He taught them valuable tricks and tips on how to approach the test and helped fill in the gaps in their knowledge base for Math and Vocabulary. Without his insight, they would not have performed as well as they did. The digital Bootcamp was an extremely helpful tool for practice at home.

Umehani H. - Parent