Mr. D's SSAT Hacks Class

Mr. D's Test Taking System
that has helped many students and families prep for the SSAT.
It has hours of material, it covers each section of the test, and it is
All ONLINE and on-demand 24/7.
The videos of colorful and funny.
Mr. D's HACKS are memorable and effective.  We are so confident that you will like it, we offer a
100% money-back guarantee.


Choose the help that you need:

  • Vanilla Plan

    Mr D's SSAT Test-taking System Online Bootcamp ($500 Value)
    Valid for 6 months
    • Full Access to Mr. D's SSAT Hack Test-Taking System
    • Content and Strategies
    • Build Math and Vocabulary Skills
    • Reading Hacks
    • Synonym Hacks
    • Analogy Hacks
    • Humorous and Interactive
    • 100% Online and On-Demand 24/7
    • $500 TOTAL VALUE
  • Hot Fudge Plan

    3 Hours of Individualized Tutoring and much more
    Valid for 6 months
    • 3 hours of 1 on 1 tutoring via Zoom ($360 Value)
    • Digital Bootcamp Full Access FREE ($500 Value)
    • 1 Full Length Proctored Exam FREE ($100 Value)
    • $110 /hour FutureTutoring Rate ($10 discount)
    • $960 TOTAL VALUE
  • Cherries On Top Plan

    6 Hours of Individualized Tutoring and so much more
    Valid for 6 months
    • 6 hours of 1 on 1 tutoring via Zoom ($720 Value)
    • Digital Bootcamp Full Access FREE ($500 Value)
    • 2 Full Length Proctored Exams FREE ($200 Value)
    • Professional Exam Results Consultation FREE ($150 Value)
    • $100 /hour Future Tutoring Rate ($20 discount/ hour)
    • $1,620 TOTAL VALUE



“Where was this when I was taking standardized tests?”

  • Asmaa

“I struggled with fractions my whole life, and I got it in one ten-minute video. That was crazy.”

  • First time user

"Mr. D helped both of my sons prep for the SSAT. He taught them valuable tricks and tips on how to approach the test and helped fill in the gaps in their knowledge base for Math and Vocabulary. Without his insight, they would not have performed as well as they did. The digital Bootcamp was an extremely helpful tool for practice at home.”

  • Umehani

“My Daughter loved the SSAT course. She does not mind doing it online at all. It was easy to follow and it is quite funny as well. Thanks!”

  • Beatriz

“I really liked the SSAT hacks Bootcamp, it was really easy to follow along. I totally recommend parents watch this with their kids.”

  • Cristianna