My Story

Almost 10 years ago, my oldest son was in 5th grade. He needed to take a standardized test to gain admission to a local elite private middle school.  Even though I was faculty at that same school, I did not know what to do. I was worried about how he would get in! I taught him the math content, but I had to hire a tutor to teach him about the test.  In the end, he scored what he needed to score and was admitted. It was a stressful experience.


As my second son was in fourth grade at the time, I learned more and more about the test and started to tutor some of his classmates and children in the neighborhood about this admissions test.  He too was admitted. Over the next decade, parents started to pass my phone number around and I became very busy. Since I really enjoyed showing students how to master the test and helping families navigate the new waters of the middle school admissions process, I began to train a few of my teacher friends about the test-taking system that I had created.  I also began to do small classes or boot camps to introduce new concepts to students who needed to learn how to attack the test.

Last Spring, I resigned after 25 years of teaching to open my own tutoring company. Since then, Who Tutors has helped hundreds of students to prepare and receive high scores on the test, leading to placement in great local schools.

Josh D'Alemberte